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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars.

This was the biggest load of crap I've seen in my life.
It came out a while ago; and I never got round to watching it. I thought by the name, Disney had came up with something slightly more original - then I found out it was a book. So not quite original - but maybe a bit different to the load of crap they usually come up with. Though the cast - especially Melinda Shankhar (from How To Be 'Shitty') - didn't exactly make me hit the record button. Anyway. It was on today and I watched it.

Basically, it's 3/10, and is just an upped version of Read It And Weep. One of the WORST movies I ever laid eyes on. If you watch both of them, around the middle of Harriet the spy... you'll notice the plot get undoubtably similar to Read It And Weep. The only difference is there's a slightly better actress as the lead. Then it's just a corny load of crap that Disney ALWAYS pumps into their movies, tv shows, and magazines.

I don't feel like bothering to write about it anymore. Don't watch it. Disney's getting worse. I mean - look at the beginnings - Snow White, Pinnochio, the Lion King. And now - How To Be Indie, (their version of) The Prince and the Pauper, and Starstruck!- And the ACTORS - Selena Nosewhine*, Miley Ignoramus, etc.

If their are any intelligent people in the world, work on Disney. They NEED your help to put things on the show that we'll watch without needing it to be sugar coated and forced down our throats.


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  1. Funny that. Yesterday coming home on the bus. To guys behind me started talking about how Crap Disney was becoming. And that they forgot how to make cartoons so they started making Sitcoms for kids. And how Miley Cirus will end up doing charity preformances for the rest of her life. It was quite funny actually