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Friday, 17 September 2010

Trying To Complete 101 TTDBYOAB

 So I bought this little book at the book fair in our school - 

 - and I'm just wondering is there anyone else trying to do the same thing? I'd love to hear feedback and ideas for completing them. I'm currently completing 5 of them. No. 5) Keep A Dream Diary. No. 16) Make A Swear Box. No 48) Watch These Films. No.49) Read These Books. No.51) Save Up All Your Pocket Money For A Month and Try to Spend It All At Once.

 In other news - Lady Gaga apoligised to vegetarians. Oh My God. We got an APOLOGY from LADY GAGA! Just what I always wanted. its like my birthday and christmas wrapped up into one! /:(. I didnt need an apology. She shouldnt have done it. She knew full well who'd she'd piss off. I never liked her to begin with.

 Also. I'll be doing a book review post in a while - so look out tomorrow!


  1. You bought it thanks to ME. Remember? And NO I haven't been trying to complete it. You forgot one. Start Your Own Blog. Review on what? That book?

  2. Wether you or I got it first. I DON'T CARE. The question was if anyone is trying to complete it, comment. Not if anyone is NOT trying to complete it. BTW if you got it first - why does that MATTER?