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Sunday, 19 September 2010


Ok, here's a game I made up and was playing with my sister yesterday. It's a great game if you have some sweets, and several little children that your babysitting/stuck with.

Game Set-Up:
1. Everyone selects their gummy worm, and gives it a name - like in horse races. ( I called mine Tony The Most Curvalicious and Bootylicious Worm In All Of BB World Which Is Great With Tarter
2. Get a flat plain. Like a table or the floor - but not unless you cover it with something, you dont want your worms getting dirty!!
3. Mark out the finishing line with something. Preferably duct tape - so your worm can get across it easily.
4. Set your worms out, like in horse races, with players right behind their worms.

Game Rules:
 Everyone flicks their gummy worms to the finishing line. You have 3 flicks to get it across. Remember - it's not the furthest who wins, its the one who crosses first. You can't flick your worm, if it's still moving. Which isn't a hard rule to follow unless you have great reflexes. The winner can eat their worm and select a new one from the packet - but if you are dealing with very small kids, and one can't win, remember to give them a couple worms to make it fair. Also, if you want a challenge, bring out a couple obstacles. But dont set them all out in front of one person, cheater.

 If you have completed this game, comment on how it went, or if your looking for rules in special situations.

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