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Saturday, 28 August 2010

X Factor - Wish It Was Over?

  Looks like the X Factors back on for another year. Yay! Not.

 Has anybody besides me been pissed off at Simon Cowell for putting the auditions in a huge stadium, most likely just to make some extra cash? Even though he's one of the richest people in the UK? I never personally liked much of the X Factor (these average joes who've been told that they're good enough to get somewhere and then expect to get far, only to be dissapointed. You want proof? Just look at Leon Jackson. He gets to the top - and since I haven't heard his name mentioned in the entertainment industry - except a very factual Frankie Boyle joke - 'and X Factors winner, Leon Jackson is still selling records - at his Saturday job at HMV Paisley'.)

 But I loved the auditions. Listening to the even worse people sing tunelessly whilst the judges put on hilarious faces - yet the auditionees didn't seem to notice. Now - you can't even hear them because the very rude audience are chanting 'off, off, off, off'. Or they're laughing, or cheering, depending on the calibre of the singers. You can barely ever hear them. Well, mostly. Sometimes they're a bit mannerly.
 The judges piss me off too. Cheryl Cole, just fought off malaria, and Danni Minogue had a kid a while ago - who should be off on a break, and who is. Why is Danni Minogue even a judge? She's Kylie Minogue's sister - what else - um, eh................... running a blank. Why isn't Kylie a judge - she's a singer.
 And why is Louis Walsh a judge? He's a pretty good manager I suppose, but he has no music, or talent taste (If you saw Britain's Got Talent 2010). I don't mind him as a person, I just hate him on X Factor. If they're Irish - they're in. Eogiann Quigg, and Jedward were crappy. He is to blame for those big haired loonatics on our television sets. I say we start a mob of people who wish Jedward were back at home as normal people and not irritating alot of the nation, and we go after - not them, but Louis Walsh. That ....... bad word.

 Simon I hate least, but I'm tired of the 'oh, I'm the British mean judge, I enjoy saying no and being rude'. It's annoying.
And that is why I dislike X Factor. Comment and follow - even if you're a pissed of X Factor fan. Bye!


  1. you are just calling jedward and eogiann quigg loonatics and louis walsh a bad word.
    But I like mobs. I like chocolate icing on mobs the most

  2. Jeez Aoife, You have gone crazy. X Factor is a singing contest, yes. But not everyone in the world can sing. That's why they Audition. And the Audience is there to act as a fourth judge. It's so the judges know what the public like and hate. They are allowed opinions, that's why they are there.
    You hate Jedward? Really? Funny that. Seeing as you said that you like they're new song. And you loved them when they were on Big Brother.
    BTW I have a blog.

  3. Yeah - I did. Because they were so stupid and looking for attention. I have gone crazy. Just don't talk to me anymore.