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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Where Have I Been?

 Sorry, for the wait since the last post. I have been in my summer home. It was good crack. My cousins, aunt, and grandmother came to visit. Everything was always getting better and better. We have canoes there, and it was fun to get on then rock the boat till we fell off. And we went fishing. I didn't enjoy it, but the others did.  Later, we brought home a chicken - random, I know but the guy we met, the owner of the house we were in, has loads of animals in his back garden, and he gave us a chicken! He said he'd take care of it when we weren't in the house. So now we have a chicken called Joan. Named after my grandmother. ): )  Then he gave us a quad to have for a couple days to ride on! Unfortrunately - I don't have a picture of my 69 year old grandmother on a quad bike. : ( . The next morning a cow escaped from the field beside us, and we got to chase it back in! After our cousins had left, he gave us another quad, smaller, so that we could drive it! It was really good fun, there was so much to do. But we're going to school tomorrow!!!! I don't have shoes or supplies or anything!!!


  1. That's not how you spell craic. As in, It was good craic. Anyways; you has a chicken? MSN/Tweet/E-mail me soon

  2. Oh yeah, I Have a blog! Check it out!