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Thursday, 19 August 2010

If You Were a TV Producer?

 If you were a tv producer - what would you do with your new power?
 The easiest thing is rather than write a television programm - rip off a book.
 Or - you could write your own sitcom - if you are creative enough.
 What would  I do. Well, I would hire a scared teenage assistant to get my coffee, would be my first act as TV producer. Then I would do what disney does and take a 90s Nickelodeon sitcom and rip it off. Voila - a brand new show.
What would you do with this new found tv producing power? Move to LA? Have a big long table where there are about a dozen people sitting agreeing with whatever you say, and if they dont you press a Dr Evil button and send them into a pit of fire? Comment on what you think!


  1. Err.... I would produce Top Gear! Duh! And all my other Favourite shows. And probably write a few Sitcoms too. And I would get a golden plate to sit on my desk saying 'The Stig'. ;) OK, Maybe not.... Lol!