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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Noel Fielding and Russell Kane LOST??!!!!????!!!?????^^£&*&"**"(

 WHAT ON EARTH???? They were the GOOD dancers!!!! Choose the men dressed as women!!! Noel Fielding and Russell Kane were AWESOME!!!!! Voters; you were to keep the tradition GOING!!!! All of you who have voted for those two should be ashamed of yourselves. Even Katy Price was a better option. She was funny and chose a good song and she cross-dressed; which frankly, is the only reason I've ever watched it. To see male comedians dressed as women. Im sure alot of Britain and Ireland are disgraced and angry at this and I am one of them.

 Next time: support Noel Fielding in his Wuthering, wuthering, wuthering heights. Or Russell Kane shaking hiks booty. (Also while I'm here - If Ed Byrne and Andi Osho had been kept in, it would've been much better. And Louis Spence and Miranda Hart should've got more chance to say the funny crap they always come up with. In fact - the cheesey presenters should have been replaced by them. Especially the girl one).