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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lady Gaga MEAT OUTFIT???


As an artist - I do love this creation. But as a vegetarian, I don't, for obvious reasons. And as someone who doesn't like Lady Gaga, I really don't like it.

 You see, for Lady Gaga, this isn't one of her biggest outfits......

 ...but I believe the meat outfit is the most artistic. Whilst the above are just alot of massive frogs and bubble stuck randomly to give her a size 22 figure - the meat outfit has an almost pleasant look. Ignoring the fact that it's dripping with blood - it clings to her figure the way you'd want any dress to.

 But as a vegetarian, the big question is - why not use fake meat? It won't go off - it wont kill 100 different animals - and it won't enrage all the vegetarians and activists it the world. I admire her for wearing that - most likely KNOWING they'd hate her - but I'm disgusted that she'd go THAT far to be 'original'.

 What do you think of it all? Leave a comment!!


  1. Hahaha! Is it actually real meat? Well, what do you expect? She is Gaga *Hence the name*