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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

First Proper Blog!!

Ok, so my Blog was completed earlier this morning, and I just posted some other unblogrelated things. This is a  proper - I'll tell you what I was doing today - bit.

I went out to the city centre today, we were mainly shopping for my mum, who is having her birthday in a couple days. It went ok - except nobody in the house had any money. So, we borrowed it from the two youngest in the house - the 5 and 8 year old both had 50 notes. I tried not to spend much of the 8 year old's money - but the 5 year old was fine to traid the money if we bought her a giant lollipop. :)

On our way home - our dear mother texted 'coming soon? will you buy milk and bread'. We had one question - where do you find milk and bread in the city centre. All around was the House Of Fraiser and the Waterfront Hall. Plus we were on the bus? We planned to stop at a shop down the road - then she called and said our aunt was coming up with them. WITH her kids.

Not that I dont like my cousins - but they're a bit, rough. Well, some of them. One hurts everyone. His brother cries at every hit. He's young but every hit he cries at. He says he hates his brother. Its chaos. WHy do people come to our house and just feel they can  go nuts? Screaming, running, crying, whining etc. When you go to someone else's house - isn't the point that your supposed to be mannered? As well as that - The elder, more painful one brought his reasonably irritating friend over. Of course they'd all ready been together before deciding to come to our house, but still. It wasn't bad that that happened, but still.

And thats really all that happened. Not much - I know. But there's more tommorrow. Bye :)

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  1. I like your blog. Even though I was with you. I also like your fishes. I feed them all the time. They have a big apitate, I feed them tones look away and they a finish