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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

No Pupil Schools?

 On BBC news, one story literally reads - Two more primary schools in Wales are technically open despite having no pupils. There are two more  schools with no pupils? I didn't realise there were schools in Wales without any pupils. What do the teachers do? Teach empty classrooms?
 Reading on in the story - it says that 'Last week Education Minister Leighton Andrews said Carmarthenshire council's decision to keep Capel Iwan, near Newcastle Emlyn, open was "bonkers."' It is bonkers though. And what education minister says 'bonkers' in an interview?

I think this was the funniest report I've read in a long while. One other line that caught my attention was 'The council confirmed a budget of £110,000 had been allocated to the school, whose headteacher would be at work in September in case any pupils did turn up.' I loved that. 'Turn up'. It sounds like they're all away at other schools and then one pupil comes in one day just to say 'Hi. I;m Timmy. I left this school 2 months ago when my friends left it,  but now I just want to appear back on my own!'. Whats even funnier - is that they need £110,000 if any pupils turn up. Just imagine Timmy, getting amazing education cause that entire amount of money is solely left to him. Wow, I wish I could go to that school. Imagine the lunches.

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