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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

This is going to be a short entry. I'm watching the music video for this song as i type. Obviously, its about a girl who's a bit self conscious. But who in their right mind would have the girl wear that? WHAT self conscious girl would wear those tiny shorts if she was self conscious? Just wanted to comment of that!

Is This Guy Phycic Or WHAT?

 I was watching some good old Mike Mozart with JeepersMedia on Youtube. I've enjoyed alot of his work; so I decided to watch his videos right from the start - and I came across a really good one. You see, he really does tell the future! If you've seen all four Shrek movies; you'll know what I'm getting at. If you watch the first and fourth in comparison you'll go; 'yeah. The first was better'. Because once a show gets to the third remake, it just tends to go downhill from there!
  In the video, he has not yet seen the third movie, but knows from the 'Shrek Triplet' activity going on in WAL-MART at the time, that Shrek has kids. And he's completely correct in saying Shrek shouldn't have kids! Well, it's true. But then, after falling in love at the end of the first movie, he's already losing his ogre-y touch! And I hate to say it - because EVERYONE loves the second movie - but if you think about it, he's just getting worse durind the second movie. It goes from ogre to sappy to marraige to sappy to kids to sappy to (the worst of all) the fourth movie. And this guy Mike Mozart, already knows it'll happen before the third movie even comes out! So, just click on the link below to see his video and also comment because I'll be interested to see others views on the Shrek franchise so far. Does everyone think it went on just a bit too long? Or he would've lasted longer without kids?

 Before I go I just have a question for you all. The word effect - it definitly starts with an 'e', right? Our geography teacher has an interactive whiteboard, so Microsoft Word can be projected in front of the entire class whilst she types. Anyway. She spells effects 'affects' because that's how most would pronounce it. Is it definitely spelt effects, because wouldn't Microsoft word have a little red squiggle underneath to highlight it; if it was a mistake? Just saying.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


 I was at a baptism the other day. I could only feel sadness for those kids. Without even realising it, they are now minions of Jesus the Overlord .I mean, the Lord Our God. Yeah. I don't wish to be rude, at all. I'M baptised. I just don't think it's fair to do it to kids with little/no intelligence. What if when they grow up, the last thing they want to be is Catholic, but the fact that they were baptised means they are forever attached to that religion. I only think their parents are a tad selfish. Not like a 'I own this kid, I'll do what I want with it' way, but more like a...well. Yes. A 'I own this kid I'll do what I want with it' way. I don't think they're bad people - but nowadays, does EVERYONE listen to their mother-in-laws? EVEYONE knows it's the mother-in-laws who make their kids and their kid's spouse baptise their grandchild. It's a way of living. The mother in law always pushes the envelope. I think I'll marry someone with a dead mother, or I'll just constantly be worried that my mother-in-law will ransack my child, and BAPTISE IT! If that were to happen, I'd go into every church and get it baptised in every religion. Or whatever the baptising is in Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnoticitsm, Islam, Judaism, etc. Can't wait to see the look on that ol' bag's face when I tell her what I just did. MWAHAHAHA!
 Anyway. I'd wait till my kids at the ripe old age of 13 to decide what religion (s)he wants. If any. And no imaginary-mother-in-law can tell me otherwise.

 It's weird. The older Christian women get, the more into God they become. I've noticed that with everyone. Mind you, I not THAT old. But what age is it where mothers are normal, to when they go 'You will marry a CHRISTIAN (wo)man, you WILL have your child baptised , the wedding WON'T be in Vegas.