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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars.

This was the biggest load of crap I've seen in my life.
It came out a while ago; and I never got round to watching it. I thought by the name, Disney had came up with something slightly more original - then I found out it was a book. So not quite original - but maybe a bit different to the load of crap they usually come up with. Though the cast - especially Melinda Shankhar (from How To Be 'Shitty') - didn't exactly make me hit the record button. Anyway. It was on today and I watched it.

Basically, it's 3/10, and is just an upped version of Read It And Weep. One of the WORST movies I ever laid eyes on. If you watch both of them, around the middle of Harriet the spy... you'll notice the plot get undoubtably similar to Read It And Weep. The only difference is there's a slightly better actress as the lead. Then it's just a corny load of crap that Disney ALWAYS pumps into their movies, tv shows, and magazines.

I don't feel like bothering to write about it anymore. Don't watch it. Disney's getting worse. I mean - look at the beginnings - Snow White, Pinnochio, the Lion King. And now - How To Be Indie, (their version of) The Prince and the Pauper, and Starstruck!- And the ACTORS - Selena Nosewhine*, Miley Ignoramus, etc.

If their are any intelligent people in the world, work on Disney. They NEED your help to put things on the show that we'll watch without needing it to be sugar coated and forced down our throats.


Sunday, 19 September 2010


Ok, here's a game I made up and was playing with my sister yesterday. It's a great game if you have some sweets, and several little children that your babysitting/stuck with.

Game Set-Up:
1. Everyone selects their gummy worm, and gives it a name - like in horse races. ( I called mine Tony The Most Curvalicious and Bootylicious Worm In All Of BB World Which Is Great With Tarter
2. Get a flat plain. Like a table or the floor - but not unless you cover it with something, you dont want your worms getting dirty!!
3. Mark out the finishing line with something. Preferably duct tape - so your worm can get across it easily.
4. Set your worms out, like in horse races, with players right behind their worms.

Game Rules:
 Everyone flicks their gummy worms to the finishing line. You have 3 flicks to get it across. Remember - it's not the furthest who wins, its the one who crosses first. You can't flick your worm, if it's still moving. Which isn't a hard rule to follow unless you have great reflexes. The winner can eat their worm and select a new one from the packet - but if you are dealing with very small kids, and one can't win, remember to give them a couple worms to make it fair. Also, if you want a challenge, bring out a couple obstacles. But dont set them all out in front of one person, cheater.

 If you have completed this game, comment on how it went, or if your looking for rules in special situations.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Trying To Complete 101 TTDBYOAB

 So I bought this little book at the book fair in our school - 

 - and I'm just wondering is there anyone else trying to do the same thing? I'd love to hear feedback and ideas for completing them. I'm currently completing 5 of them. No. 5) Keep A Dream Diary. No. 16) Make A Swear Box. No 48) Watch These Films. No.49) Read These Books. No.51) Save Up All Your Pocket Money For A Month and Try to Spend It All At Once.

 In other news - Lady Gaga apoligised to vegetarians. Oh My God. We got an APOLOGY from LADY GAGA! Just what I always wanted. its like my birthday and christmas wrapped up into one! /:(. I didnt need an apology. She shouldnt have done it. She knew full well who'd she'd piss off. I never liked her to begin with.

 Also. I'll be doing a book review post in a while - so look out tomorrow!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lady Gaga MEAT OUTFIT???


As an artist - I do love this creation. But as a vegetarian, I don't, for obvious reasons. And as someone who doesn't like Lady Gaga, I really don't like it.

 You see, for Lady Gaga, this isn't one of her biggest outfits......

 ...but I believe the meat outfit is the most artistic. Whilst the above are just alot of massive frogs and bubble stuck randomly to give her a size 22 figure - the meat outfit has an almost pleasant look. Ignoring the fact that it's dripping with blood - it clings to her figure the way you'd want any dress to.

 But as a vegetarian, the big question is - why not use fake meat? It won't go off - it wont kill 100 different animals - and it won't enrage all the vegetarians and activists it the world. I admire her for wearing that - most likely KNOWING they'd hate her - but I'm disgusted that she'd go THAT far to be 'original'.

 What do you think of it all? Leave a comment!!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Barack With $50 billion?

 As you may have seen on BBC news, the American president Barack Obama is investing $50 bn. or £32 bn. on American 'roads, railways and airports as well as high-speed rail and the creation of an infrastructure bank.'.
KACHING! If I had that money, I'd invest it in the gulf of Mexico, or most of it. The rest of it might go into the US economy, but more likely, into selling out the fast food chains. Some of the Americans need to lose weight. Not all of them, but it is one of the largest nations in the world.

 What would you do with that money - or even, if you were president!!!! Comment and follow! See you nest time whatever it is I feel needs written down.