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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


So it's summer!!!
I've left my class for my GCSE year!
So, I've taken this oppurtunity to completely turn around this year.
 I say, wouldn't it be smashing, to turn up next year as a completely new and fantastic person?
Maybe a little taller?
...a little thinner?
...a little prettier? haircut?
That will definitely be my goal to achieve this summer.
So far, I've turned vegan and have began doing serious exercise everyday (not that I'm fat or anything, I'd just like to know I'm healthy).
I will definitely get some nice clothes too. I dont have many clothes at the moment.
Maybe get a fringe in?
Only time will tell what I do for myself this summer.
So please, geeks of the world, I urge you to take this chance!!!! Make people turn their heads in the corridor and say ''who's that???'' Maybe be a bit more sociable and head onto facebook more often. You may feel very pleased with your transformation!
Now if you'll excuse me its the middle of the night and I'm about to pass out of tiredness...