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Tuesday, 5 October 2010


 I was at a baptism the other day. I could only feel sadness for those kids. Without even realising it, they are now minions of Jesus the Overlord .I mean, the Lord Our God. Yeah. I don't wish to be rude, at all. I'M baptised. I just don't think it's fair to do it to kids with little/no intelligence. What if when they grow up, the last thing they want to be is Catholic, but the fact that they were baptised means they are forever attached to that religion. I only think their parents are a tad selfish. Not like a 'I own this kid, I'll do what I want with it' way, but more like a...well. Yes. A 'I own this kid I'll do what I want with it' way. I don't think they're bad people - but nowadays, does EVERYONE listen to their mother-in-laws? EVEYONE knows it's the mother-in-laws who make their kids and their kid's spouse baptise their grandchild. It's a way of living. The mother in law always pushes the envelope. I think I'll marry someone with a dead mother, or I'll just constantly be worried that my mother-in-law will ransack my child, and BAPTISE IT! If that were to happen, I'd go into every church and get it baptised in every religion. Or whatever the baptising is in Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnoticitsm, Islam, Judaism, etc. Can't wait to see the look on that ol' bag's face when I tell her what I just did. MWAHAHAHA!
 Anyway. I'd wait till my kids at the ripe old age of 13 to decide what religion (s)he wants. If any. And no imaginary-mother-in-law can tell me otherwise.

 It's weird. The older Christian women get, the more into God they become. I've noticed that with everyone. Mind you, I not THAT old. But what age is it where mothers are normal, to when they go 'You will marry a CHRISTIAN (wo)man, you WILL have your child baptised , the wedding WON'T be in Vegas.


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  1. I completely agree. Children don't have any idea about the world other than what their parents tell them, especially when it comes to religion. Nobody has a real clue as to what is right in religion, what practices are meaningful, and how one actually enters "heaven." So, why force a belief or practice on children that wouldn't know the difference? Let them decide what to do and what to believe as they grow and make more informed choices. Unless the idea is that "Oh, no! We must baptise them now in case they die today and go to hell!!!", which is such an archaic idea, in my opinion.

    It's just because their parents did it to them, and their parents did it to them, and so on... A chain of tradition that holds little substance.