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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:Part 2 MIDNIGHT SCREENING

Excited children and teens, who have read Harry Potter and watched the movies throughout their lives, excited about the release; they're online and find out: MIDNIGHT SCREENING OF HARRY POTTER ATDHP2 ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Imagine the excitement. Ready to dress up as their favourite characters and go out and see the highlight of their young lives. They get all their Harry Potter friends to come with. They all beg their parents to get tickets to this screening at the Odeon cinema. Excitement! The verification of their booking arrives, and they copy down the number in four different places to make sure it's saved. They leave and tell all their friends, and plan their outfits. A small while later, they wonder where they'll go to collect their tickets, so they go to the email. Blah Blah Blah. Then written, half-way down the page, not in capitals, or bold, or underlined, or even italic: is this 'avada kadavra' of your entire hopeful life of the past 8 months.
'Midnight screenings are only available to those of 18 years or older'.

This story is a true story. This person was me.
When I bought the tickets, I clicked the options 'teen' and 'child' (Twice on teen, once on child - me and my two sisters, one thirteen and one ten (I'm fourteen)). These tickets were perfectly available, there was no warning. I even went through the whole process again and there wasn't even a slight mention that you'd need to be eighteen. I was appalled. My mother will ring tomorrow and see if this really is true, and if it means I can't go, I will personally write a long letter of complaint, and I'm already looking at the Dublin Road cinema to see wether they cater to my age group - it hasn't mentioned anything either, and it's selling 'child' and 'family passes' too, but the 00:01 and 00:10 screenings are sold out and I'd need to go to the 00:15 screening, but I wouldn't mind.

I really hope there are other Harry Potter fans who are also very annoyed at this absolute betrayal to the Harry Potter franchise which is a children's novel series. At least Twilight isn't doing this, noted, if they have a midnight screening they wouldn't even be able to fill up a cinema with enough over eighteen year old Twilight fans.

Now us teens are going to have to turn up DURING THE DAYTIME in our awesome get-ups. Us nerds can't handle that kind of sunlight.

At lease SPF 50 sales will go up..........

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